Easy Fire Prevention Tip: Set up a bucket, water, and a rag!

Get a bucket, fill with water, and toss in a few rags. Keep that set up outside your home just in case you need it during a wildfire.

Just met with Tony Akin, Central Fire, and he recommended this for all of us on NRG. If you’re sheltering in place, embers will be the primary cause of a structure fire. By having your bucket and rags soaking in water ready to go, you can easily walk around your property and douse out embers BEFORE they turn into flames. The bucket makes it easier for you to quickly inspect your property so you don’t need to lug around a heavy hose. When power goes out and you don’t have access to running water, your bucket will be ready to go.

Thanks Tony Akin for this great easy-to-do tip!

Good idea. Maybe cover the bucket so it won’t provide a place for mosquitos to breed.

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Thanks for the tip and yes cover to prevent mosquito hatch!

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