Please have your piles of tree limbs ready by Labor Day (Sept 5) to participate in the Free Chipping Program

We have been approved in the RCD’s Free Chipping program. Please have your piles ready by Sept 5th so we can meet their deadlines for free chipping. It’s actually a reimbursement program. I’ll front the cost of the chipper and submit the paperwork to the RCD, and they’ll reimburse me later.

Please let me know if you’d like to participate in this years chipping program! We just cleared up about 100 feet on our private road and we did it in just 4 hours!

We can do this!

Hi Susan,
Sorry for my late response - I only just noticed your awesome offer!
Yes, I’d love to participate! We have multiple piles in place and ready for chipping at 530 Amigo Road.
Let me know what else you need me to do to be eligible.
As always, many thanks for everything you are doing.

Hi Rod,
Yes! Glad to have you participate in the chipping program with us! I’ve added you to my list. Waiting to hear back from the RCD about the extension. Met with Huerta’s Chipping Service and we are tentatively scheduled for Sept 15th. I’ll have an exact date for you next week!
I’m planning to add to my piles next week. This is such a great opportunity to limb up our trees and get free chipping!

Cheers Rod!

UPDATE on Chipping Date!
The NRG Firewise Group needs to have piles ready for inspection by Wednesday, Sept 14th, 2022. Huertas will check the piles and do the chipping on Friday, Sept 16th, 2022. Please confirm that your piles are ready and take photos of your before and after piles. Please post them here. Thanks! Susan

Did the chipping people come to inspect yesterday? Are they coming tomorrow as planned? Also, I don’t see a way to upload photos to the forum. The Share button doesn’t have Photos as an option, at least on my iPad?

Huertas has come by to assess the piles. They will chip either Friday, Sept 16 or Saturday morning, Sept 17. I’ll post as soon as I hear from them. Please email photos, $$ spent, and hours logged on this project to me at