We registered for the RCD Chipping program!

If you have already cleared and created piles for chipping (or will do so by this weekend), please let me know so you will be included in this Fall’s Chipping program through the RCD.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Make sure your piles have the large-end of branches facing the road and piles need to be about 4’ wide and 4’ tall (length of branches can be up to 10-12’)

  2. Take a photo of your pile and email to me at susan@meritworld.com. If you have before and after photos, please send them too!

  3. Give me your name and address.

  4. Tell me how many man-hours you spent clearing this area or costs of hiring others to do the work (RCD likes to see that we’ve done our part for their match-like grant).

I’m meeting with a chipper tomorrow to get bids and discuss dates for chipping. All chipping needs to be complete by Oct 30th.

Let’s do this!

my neighbor Marvin Miller at the corner has a pile of brush out on the street at the top of Bronco. I passed on your info to him, so hope he calls you! If you want to reach out: Marbenjam@aol.com or his daughter kathy klmiller250@gmail.com

Thanks Deo! I just emailed Marben and Kathy to get their address and other information. Just heard from people on Ponza and on my private road too! Glad to see people taking advantage of this $250 reimbursement opportunity! I’m hoping to get our chipping done next week. Still getting bids.