Who owns the property on NRG (northbound) between the trailer park and Whispering Palms?

I have a metal Firewise sign (18"x24") that I would like to post somewhere between the trailer park and the entrance to Whispering Palms. The sign reminds everyone who drives NRG (especially fire insurance agents/adjusters) that we are an active community that works together to reduce our wildfire risks.

I would like to have it installed before our April 23rd event when we will have Central Fire (Chief Walbridge, Mike DeMars, Marco Mack, Tony Akin and the command staff), B-forte Fire, Cal Fire, ARES, CERT, and others driving NRG.

If you know anyone who lives up in Whispering Palms, please give me their contact information so I can get permission to install the sign. We don’t have anyone in that Micro Community and we’re trying to figure out how to reach them.

If we can’t reach the Whispering Palms neighbors, we might put the sign past their entrance. Who owns the property north from there? Please help me find a place where we can put the sign. It will help all of us as we have insurance adjusters coming up our road to check out our properties.

Thank you for your help!

The managers of the trailer park are pretty reasonable. They might allow this on their property just before Whispering Palms. I don’t have their contact info, but any members in the park should have it.