3 Ways to find your Micro Community and/or Phone Tree:

  1. When you visit the forum, you will automatically see the most recent posts in categories you can access. If it’s been a while since someone posted in in your MC category, you will will need to either:

Scroll down until they see your MC


  1. You can click the “Categories” button after clicking the logo, and you’ll see a list of all categories you have access to (including your own MC). You’ll see “Equipment”, “General”, “Uncategorized” and your own MC, so it should be easy to find your own MC.
  2. The forum has a built-in search bar that is visible at the top of every single page and post on the forum (under the giant “NRG Firewise USA Forum text”) - just type “phone tree” in that box and hit enter and you’ll see a list of both categories and posts that contain those words that you have access to.

*** I realize this may not be perfect, but I am not a computer person. I welcome any NRG neighbor to help me improve our system! :wink: