Address Signs on NRG looking good!

Thrilled to see so many new address signs on NRG! At night, the reflective letters can be seen clearly in the distance. I drove around NRG with Tony Akin, Central Fire, and we took photos of these signs to share with other Firewise communities.

If you haven’t ordered your signs yet, get them from Safety Signs (Brimar) and have them installed by Stokes Signs. Contact info is under “Resources” on the website (

We’re coming up for our Firewise renewal and we need to complete our 1-year plan by November 2022. Home address signs was first on the list.

Thanks! Please post photos of your signs here!


We have our signs now on Chimney Creek Rd.


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Wow! Your signs look great! Did you know that Central Fire sends other firewise communities up NRG to see our signage! Thanks for making it easier for medical and fire to find us! This is AWESOME!