Baofeng UV82-C Getting Started Video

Here’s a short video on getting started with the Baofeng UV-82C radio for use in the NRG Firewise community. It covers basic usage of the radio and provides a summary of the channel programming. You can find the video on YouTube, here:

Also, remember that we have a monthly radio “net” (test), where we call for checkins for people and have a brief chat. This happens on the third Saturday of the month, from 9:00-9:30am. This will allow you to practice using the radios and see how far they transmit.

If you have any questions about the UV82-C radio, feel free to post them to this forum and I’ll answer here, for the benefit of all.


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Wow! This video really helped me get comfortable with my BaoFeng MURS radio. I’ve been using my Dakota Alert because it’s easier, but I LOVE the channels you and Keith have programmed in each radio for our NRG Firewise community. Every time I hear a siren, I scan the channels and get to hear real-time conversations with Central Fire, CalFire, sheriff, and others. I’ll use the BaoFeng now that you demonstrated how to use it! I’m not a techy and really needed this! Thank you Eric and Tamah!

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