Brush clearing service?

My neighbor is looking for a service to remove Scotch Broom from a couple acres of hillside. Anyone have a recommendation for that ?
Thanks in advance, Tom.

Deo Robbins hired Arturo Oroxco to clear her 10 acres about 2 years ago. She says he’s great and affordable. Not sure if he’s still available but here is his number: 831-707-5377.

If they’re looking for tree limbing, call Huerta’s Tree Service at 408-903-3850. The RCD uses them.


Tom, did your neighbor connect with Mr. Oroxco? I need brush cleared, also.

Arturo is still at it. He’ll clear brush at my house on Saturday. Also get rid of thistles, blackberries, Echium, Pampas grass, poison oak, Scotch broom, and oak and pine seedlings and saplings.

Thanks for sharing! What does he charge for his services?

Depends on the job. He walked around my property, consulted my list of requirements, guesstimated how many helpers and how many dump runs would be needed, figured in an old-lady discount, and came up with $1,200.

We still hire Arturo every year. His workers run up and down our hilly property like mountain goats. Plus he’s a really sweet man.