CalFire conducting prescribd fire in Soquel Demonstration Forest on Monday

On Monday, October 16, 2023, weather-permitting, CAL FIRE CZU will conduct an approximately 11-acre prescribed fire near the Lower Helipad on the Soquel Demonstration State Forest. The prescribed burn will be conducted between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M., but smoke may be noticed in the Upper Soquel Creek drainage for several days following the burn. The project is being conducted in accordance with a Smoke Management Permit issued by the Monterey Bay Air Resources District in order to minimize the smoke impacts on surrounding communities.

This burn is being conducted as part of the California Vegetation Treatment Program and is intended to benefit
the Coast Redwood ecosystem, prevent encroachment of non-native plant species, regenerate native species,
restore and enhance wildlife habitat, and increase public safety. Prescribed vegetation treatment burns are
carefully planned controlled burns that must meet a predefined set of conditions (prescription) in order to
achieve ideal fire behavior. No burning takes place if weather and fuel conditions are not within prescription.
When optimal conditions are met, trained wildland firefighters manage the burn while monitoring the weather,
smoke dispersal, and fire behavior.

Additional support for this burn is provided by Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with university research as well as
the Fuels Management Training Program to provide public outreach and education about how to build a more
sustainable and fire resilient landscape for California.

Information and links to past training webinars including a webinar about the burn at the Soquel Forest are
available at

This prescribed fire was planned as part of broader strategic efforts to protect the local community and nearby
natural resources. These plans are informed by community and local stakeholder input and serve as a
collaborative effort with a range of cooperators throughout the course of the project. This project adds to
significant work underway throughout the state and brings California one step closer towards meeting or
exceeding state fuels reduction goals directed by the California Fire Plan and the California Wildfire and
Forest Resilience Action Plan. To track the progress being made, both in your community and throughout
California, please visit the CAL FIRE fuels reduction dashboard at Prescribed Fire | CAL FIRE and help share
important preventing and preparedness information with your neighbors at Home - Ready for Wildfire.

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Information Officer
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October 15, 2023
California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
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