Can someone help me with the Firewise Renewal Application?

Looking for someone who can take a Google Form and convert it to a spreadsheet so we can get stats from the renewal survey. We also need to take our 3-Year Plan from last year and apply the content to the new required Firewise template. Once we get this information, we can submit our Firewise USA Renewal Application that is due in early November.

Please let me know if you can help! Thank you!

Susan, did someone step up? I have no idea how to do either task, but probably could fumble around and figure out the Google Form-to-spreadsheet. Converting a Google Form to some arbitrary third-party template might be more of a challenge.

Nobody has stepped up to help with the survey to spreadsheet formatting. I hope someone will during our meeting on Sunday. Otherwise, it’ll take a lot of time to get the numbers needed for the Firewise application (renewal). Thanks Carolyn. You’re the best!

John Nadler offered to handle the map and spreadsheet from now on! That’s going to be a great help!