Cannot search!

I need to find info about the NRG channel assignment on the Dakota. Search results do not scroll; therefore I get to see only the first one or two, and the rest are off the bottom of the page! If I try to use the page scroll, the search results disappear. Extremely poorly crafted, IMHO.

OOps, it is 154.57 ch4, sorry. Tone 110.9

Thanks, I’m looking for my manual, too, and no longer remember how to set anything. Right now the display shows 03; how it got changed, I don’t know.

Found it. Channel 4, Sub 15 are the settings for NRG.

Yea, that manual really sucks! It does not even have a chart for the tones so you can match to other radios! Google failed me too. Call me on it if you want to test…

Thank you for enabling a second Ctrl-f. Unfortunately, even that seems to fail after a few finds. I have had to manually peruse a long topic to discover several strings the second Ctrl-f claimed were not there.

Here’s an example; I tried to redact!

Searching for “Foote” finds all instances of “foot”… Not helpful.