Chardonnay Egress Drill News!

Our first NRG Firewise Egress Drill was a huge success! We had 40 cars drive the Chardonnay to Rodeo Ridge to Yardarm egress route – and they all commented about how they never knew this escape route existed and found it easy to find (with good signage). They completed a survey to help us fine-tune our permanent sign placement and to prepare for our big egress drill on Amigo (Oct 29th).

Thank you to John Seldon, Mark Wainer, Remco Enthoven, Dennis English, Frank Locatelli, Tam Holbert, Matt Paiss, John Nadler and Rob D’Arcy for preparing for the drill by mowing, cutting, discussing sign placement, posting banner, and financing the costs.

Thank you to John Nadler, Amy English, and Carolyn Stallard for compiling the map and spreadsheet for our NRG Firewise forum and for helping me prepare and mail the mailers to our 350 households on NRG. John will update the list of NRG neighbors twice per year so we’ll reach out to you during an evacuation.

Big thanks to Carolyn Stallard for paying for these heavy-duty diamond cut signs and sandwich boards, and to Fred Nadel for the metal posts and permanent installation of these signs after each egress drill. We are so fortunate to have dedicated and committed neighbors in our NRG Firewise community.

Shout out to Keith Trinity and Eric Swenson – our MURS radio experts – who man our monthly MURS radio tests (3rd Saturday of the month at 9:00 am) and program your MURS radios for free! We want everyone on the same channel while also having access to listening in on Central Fire, CalFire, PGE, sheriff, and other agencies. This is our lifeline during an evacuation.

And my hat’s off to our volunteers on Saturday: John Nadel, Amy English, Mari Bennadja, Keith Trinity, Eric Swenson, Nate English, Nick English, Remco Enthoven, John Seldon, Sean Gomez, and Nick Tran. They all manned their posts and carefully evaluated the drill. We all learned a lot and we will improve our efficiency with each drill.

Remco made sure that the entire route was left spotless – as if nobody drove through! Everyone was incredibly conscientious and respectful about driving through private property.

Please DO NOT DRIVE or WALK through this egress route on your own. Now that you know it exists, please only use it during an evacuation when we unlock the 2 gates and you get instructions on your MURS radios or from your Micro Community Leader. We don’t want to lose the privilege to drive on these egress routes so please respect the property owners.

Thank you!

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