Check to see if you are on the new CruzAware list for emergency alerts!

If you don’t know your “zone,” check here:

Because this is new, there have been glitches in the system. Here are some of the problems they’ve had:

  • If folks ONLY had a landline and no cell phone or email on their CodeRed account there hasn’t been a way for the NEW system to send a temporary password. IF this is happening for folks (they are getting a message that says their number is already part of an account), have them email and we can set up a temporary password.

  • Voter Registration info was added to CruzAware which greatly increased the number of people enrolled. When voter info and Code Red info were combined, the de-duping process may have resulted in lost information, or obsolete phone #s or emails being put into CruzAware.

There hasn’t been a lot of publicity, at least up here in the mountains, about CruzAware.