Check to see if your MURS radio connects with the NRG Firewise Community on Sat, Feb 18th at 9:00-9:30 AM

We are getting prepared for our 5 egress fire drills and will post dates soon.

Be prepared with your MURS radios! We will communicate using only the MURS radios for the fire drills and for the mock evacuation.

Purchase the Radioddity MU-5 MURS Radio (License-Free, 2-way radio, rechargeable) on

Ship them to either Keith or Eric to get them programmed for the NRG channel and to scan Central Fire, CalFire, PG&E, sheriff, and CHP.

Keith Trinity:
130 Outlook Ridge, Soquel
Email him for a heads up:

Eric Swenson:
650 Hidden Valley Road, Soquel
Email him for a heads up:

Join us to test your radios and to see if you can help us transmit vital information during a disaster.


What are the 5 egress routes that are being referenced? Haven’t heard any more info about getting permission from homeowners for the use of their roads and liability issues. More info is appreciated. Thank you.

More info coming soon!