Confused about categories

What is the difference between General and Uncategorized? Are topics in the latter supposed to eventually become categorized? For example, If I have a specific question about defensible space, where should it go? (We don’t have a “defensible space” category, though IMO this is a major issue.) If not in this forum at all, then where should I direct such a question?

Carolyn, my IT is working on streamlining the categories. We’re trying to keep the number of categories to a minimum and also making them public so other people outside of our Firewise community can learn from them. The Micro Communities will continue to be private so each MC can have private conversations amongst themselves. For now, place your posts in either General or Uncategorized.

OK, thanks. Perhaps the moderator could be the person to create categories; I believe this should not require an IT person. Just as members can create topics.