Could you help us test the MURS radios in your Micro Community?

I need volunteers who can take my MURS radios and test them in their micro communities. We need to map out Ponza, Chardonnay, Rodeo Ridge, Amigo/Bronco, Lupin, and other streets off NRG.

We plan to do a test with our ham/MURS radios in the next few weeks and it is really important that all micro communities are represented. Please sign up as Micro Community leader or encourage others to do so.

Thank you to Melody and Pat Meyer, and Daren Commons for helping me test the Dakota MURS radios on NRG yesterday! And big thank you to Eric and Tamah Swenson for testing the Dakota MURS radios on Hidden Valley and all of the side streets this afternoon! The Swensons are creating a map of Hidden Valley to show where we have great reception from 2392 NRG (my place) and where we need to have another MURS station to continue the relay signal. I plan to put together a vinyl sheet overlay on the big map I have of our entire NRG community so I can easily see each micro community and how to relay information to each leader using the MURS radios.

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Ok I can do the radio test. What do i do now?

Thank you! We’ll need 2 people on Amigo/Bronco Rds to do the testing. Meet at my place (2392 NRG) to discuss radio operation and to check out the map. We’ll stay in touch as long as we can as you drive towards Amigo Rd. Then Person #1 stays at Amigo/NRG and Person #2 drives up to all of the side streets in the Amigo/Bronco area. Person #1 keeps track of areas where you hear Person #2. The other person does the same but also includes areas where they are driving and cannot hear you. That way, we know where there are dead zones.

The goal is to see where the Dakota MURS can reach without using external antennas. We want to know how to reach all of the neighbors in your area.

I am working on getting more powerful antennas so I might be able to reach all of you without having a relay person between us.

This is all new, and exciting. I hope to have an official test date with Marco in the next few weeks. I’ll recommend exactly what MURS radios and antennas to get once we figure it out.

Is there someone on your road who can help you?

Thanks, Deo!

I’ve ordered a handset; it should arrive Thursday. Paul has a compatible handset. It will be interesting to see if we can communicate with anyone except our 3 immediate neighbors. Paul will be out of town next week.

I just ordered a super-duper antenna for my Dakota MURS desk radio to see if I can communicate with people who live further out. We need volunteers to help me test your areas!

When we establish the reach for individual micro communities, we can recommend which antennas they can get to boost their reach.

This is getting exciting! Looking forward to being able to reach all 15 micro communities via MURS radios (no licenses needed)!

I’m installing a super antenna on my roof this weekend and would like to test its range along NRG and all of the side streets. If you have the Dakota Alert desk and/or handheld MURS radios, please let me know so we can do a test this weekend. I have Marco Mack’s 2 loaner Dakota Alert MURS for those who would like to help me test this out.

I would really like to check the range from my place to your micro communities this weekend. As soon as we have a system that works well, I hope all Micro Community Leaders will purchase them so we can conduct real test.

Thanks for your support!