Do you already have a RADIO?, I'm making a list

Hi Everyone;

  1. Did you get one of the Radios at the FireWise meeting?
    Please let me know (and how many).

  2. Also for those that bought their own and had me program them.

***I forgot to make notes of who all has radios, 'doh

I need a list so we can plan communication tests.
Also if I need to add/change channel programming.

We sold over 25 UV-82C MURS radios at our event! That’s going to really improve our Micro Community communication and I’m looking forward to our next test date: Saturday, May 21st, from 9:00-9:30 AM.

Susan is ordering all of the MURS radios for the people who placed orders at the event. I’ll email you after I’ve programmed them to let you know when and where to pick them up.


I have two MURS radios: Dakota Alert and UV-82C. Eric programmed the latter for me.

Paul has a UV-82-C; Eric programmed his, also.

Just got one, you will be programming it for me. Deo on Bronco Rd.

We have the base unit and the handheld unit.
Patty Holbert
400 Ponza

I have three radios: 1) BTECH MURS-v1, 2) Baofeng UV82-C, and 3) Yaesu FT60-R. I purchased these myself and programmed them. I’m also a ham, with (new) callsign KC6EJS.

We have one radio
Susan and Mark Rolen

Hi Keith,
I ordered 2 radios that will be delivered to you tomorrow.
Thank you!!
Amy English
3344 NRG

Hi Keith,

I just picked up the Baofeng radio, and also have a Dakota Alert. Thank you for programming my Baofeng!

I have two MURS radios: Dakota - desk version and handheld. I don’t know what you mean by programming. I have it on the right channel,4, and I can hear and speak.

You’re OK then, Marianna. The Dakotas don’t need programming. The newly recommended BaoFeng radios, that can pick up transmissions from a variety of local agencies (fire, police, PG&E, etc, even Animal Control) do need to be programmed before using them.

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Hi Keith,
I have one radio that I purchased at the Firewise meeting and took it home with me. Thanks, John