Egress Drill at Amigo-SC Gardens a success!

Over 40 cars drove the egress drill from Amigo to Felicidad to Chaminade to SC Gardens on Sunday, Oct 29th. With the carefully placed temporary signs, drivers found it easy to follow. This will be a great egress route during the fire season (not the winter when the dirt roads might be muddy) when we can’t get out on NRG.

Thanks to Tom for mounting the temporary signs and installing them from NRG to the Chaminade, and for Rod and Thien for selecting the locations for each sign. Special thanks to Keith and Eric for manning the MURS radio communication during the drill.

Appreciate Kelly for baking delicious cookies for the drivers who participated in the drill.

Big thanks to Amy for handing out the surveys and to Lorraine, Teresa, Susan, Kelly, Nate, Rod, Tom, Nick, and Rob for noting driver behavior.

Sean videotaped the route for those who missed it, and he did the same for the Chardonnay route.

Special thanks to Carolyn and Remco for designing the signs and selecting the wording for each sign.

Appreciated meeting with all of the volunteers at the end of the drill to discuss what worked and what didn’t. We’re planning to order the permanent signs and have them installed as soon as possible.

This Amigo-SC Gardens egress route is for emergencies only. We put up 2 chain gates to prevent drivers from using this route as a short cut. The egress route goes over private property and we are lucky that they are allowing us to use this as an emergency egress route during a wildfire. Please respect the property owners and do NOT drive on this route except during an actual evacuation.

We plan to run egress drills in 2024 and we’ll keep you posted on dates.

If you appreciate both the Chardonnay and the Amigo egress routes, please donate funds so we can put up permanent signs. Venmo me at @Susan-Tatsui-DArcy

Thank you!

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I feel left out since I was out on road for 21/2 hours Amigo and Felicidad.
Susan Rolen

I am so sorry Susan! I did appreciate your help and your feedback at the end of the drill. I hope I didn’t forget anyone else!! Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

No worries happy to help

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