Emergency Communication by Radio

These days, PG&E cuts power right quick in an emergency, interfering with our ability to communicate. But we can still use battery-powered hand-held radios!

This is how we in NRG will reach out and coordinate in a wildfire. Or an earthquake. Or a landslide. Once power is cut, from Mt. View to Soquel Dr, all NRG evacuation and other emergency announcements will be through MURS radios. Every household needs at least one.

If you do not have a MURS radio, order this $39 hand-held Radioddity from Amazon:


Ask Eric Swenson (eric@swenson.org) or Keith Trinity (keithtrinity@gmail.com) to program your radio to the NRG channel. (Bonus: you can also listen to Central Fire, CalFire, sheriff, CHP, PG&E, and the Santa Cruz County OR3).

Please join us by radio on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 9:00 am. We need to know if we can reach you, and you can reach us, via MURS radio. We might have to set up relays for some of you, so this is important.

Next radio test: 9 am Saturday August 19.