Fire Resistant Garden Guide Updated for 2023

The Central Fire District has published a Fire Resistant Garden Guide, for residents to learn about garden choices that are both water wise and ember resistant, to help protect your home and landscape in the event of a wildfire. This guide can be downloaded on our website, at:

There are a number of plants included in this guide that are also native to the Central Coast area - these are a particularly good choice, as they do well in our climate and are beneficial to the local birds, bees, butterflies and other local wildlife in the area. The plants listed are just a few of the many options available to help keep your garden water-wise and fire safe. For more information on fire safe gardening, native plants, home hardening and other tips, check with your local professional nursery, or the following sites: Central Fire District of Santa Cruz County

Santa Cruz County Fire Safe Council

California Native Plant Society

Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County

Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History

Water Smart Gardening in Santa Cruz County