FREE chipping program! Apply by Aug 1st

The RCD is offering their FREE chipping program for neighborhoods for this fall. Groups of 8 households can create piles of branches on their private roads or properties and the RCD will reimburse you for the cost of chipping.

This is a great way to wien our roads so fire trucks can drive through and make it safer for drivers during evacuations on NRG or on our egress routes.

Here is what the RCD emailed me today:

This is a one-time email to notify you that registration for the RCD’s Fall Neighborhood Reimbursement Chipping program opens August 1. Neighborhoods with a minimum of eight participating households who clear defensible space around their homes are eligible for reimbursement of chipping costs up to $250 per participating property and $80 per 500 linear feet of private road. To learn more about the program, visit the Fall Neighborhood Reimbursement Chipping program webpage.

The RCD is also hosting an informational webinar about the Fall program on Monday, July 24 at 6pm. Click here to register.

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