FREE Home Evaluations for NRG Firewise residents!

Exciting opportunity for the NRG Firewise community! Tony Akin, Wildland Mitigation Specialist with Central Fire, just asked me to let you know he’s doing home evaluations – and he’s doing our NRG community FIRST! One of the benefits of being Firewise!

Tony spoke at both of our Firewise events and he’s the fire mitigation expert. He’ll shoot straight and tell you how you can protect your home from wildfires. This is an incredible service and enlightening on many levels.

You can set up an appointment with Tony by emailing him at

He is doing home evaluations Monday-Thursday between 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM (some Fridays).

Email soon because his schedule will fill up fast!

You’ll learn a lot and it’ll be so entertaining – Tony is so fun!