Get on board with MURS radio test this Saturday (Jan 21st)

In preparation for our EGRESS FIRE DRILLS and our MOCK EVACUATION, please join us to test your MURS radio this Saturday, Jan 21st from 9:00-9:30 am. Eric and Keith will run this test.

If you don’t have a radio, order yours and send to Eric or Keith to have them programmed for our NRG Firewise Community. You’ll also be able to hear Central Fire, Cal Fire, OR3, sheriff, CHP, ARES, and other channels.

We will use the MURS radios to communicate during our upcoming EGRESS FIRE DRILLS and our big MOCK EVACUATION. Encourage your neighbors to get their radios and join us.

Check with your Micro Community Leader to make sure they have your current contact information.

More info about the fire drills and mock evacuation will be reported here in the NRG Firewise forum! Stay tuned!