Get your FREE Evacuation Door Hanger!

Would you like an Evacuation Door Hanger? I have enough for all households in NRG Firewise, thanks to Lynn Sestak at Firewise USA.

On one side, it has a place for you to list your evacuation status. You can place it on the front door knob before you leave so the firefighters and sheriff will know how to contact you and understand your instructions.

On the other side, it reminds you what to do before you evacuate. It’ll remind you to leave ON lights, connect garden hoses to water tanks, turn OFF pilot lights and propane tanks, and more.

During a real emergency, you may be flustered and these door hangers will come in handy. I put one on my front door and it gives me a sense of security knowing what I may need to do when evacuating.

I’ll give them to Micro Community Leaders, so reach out to them to pick them up.