Hey Hams!
We’re looking to see if there are any hams in the NRG FireWise community. Want to join us in setting up a ham/MURS system for emergency communication?

Come to our Sept 11th NRG FireWise meeting at 10:00 am to learn more.

Hi Susan, thank you for putting together our Firewise meeting! Can you please post the MURS system and link to purchase?

Hi Amy, I will post the exact MURS radio system to purchase as soon as I get confirmation from 3 experts (Dawn Mackey, Becky Steinbruner, and Marco Mack). I’m reviewing several models but want to make sure that they’ll work on NRG and that they’ll be compatible with my ham radio (Yaesu FT-60). I’m thrilled that there is a lot of interest in NRG communities working together to communicate via MURS during emergencies. Thanks for your patience! I’ll post as soon as I know what to buy, and I’ll purchase the system myself.

I’m looking forward to this MURS training. Having a dedicated communication network will make me feel a bit safer the next time there’s smoke in the area.
I spoke to Dawn at the meeting and ordered the radio she recommended.

Is there a place to buy the- BTECH MURS-V1 radios in bulk and get a discount?

After much discussion about which MURS radio system to use for our NRG Firewise community, we’ve decided to use the Dakota Alert radios. They’re easier to use and they have a Base Station (purchased separately) that you can keep on 24/7 so you’ll be alerted when there is an emergency or a call from one of the Micro Community leaders.

The best price I’ve found is on Amazon.

  1. Dakota Alert M538-BS MURS Base Station - Multi Use Radio Service Transceiver with Telescopic Antenna and Normally Open Relay Output $74.99

  2. Dakota Alert M538-HT MURS Wireless VHF Transceiver - Handheld 2-Way Radio License Free - Multi Use Radio Service $84.99

I just purchased both today! One will be on my desk and on all the time so I can hear when there is an alert. The handheld 2-way radio is in my Go Bag so I’ll have it when I’m outside or on the road.

I encourage all Micro Community leaders and interested neighbors to purchase these radios. I’ll be testing them on NRG this Saturday to see strategically where we need people with MURS radios to pass messages along to other Micro Community leaders.

Our goal is to create a MURS communication system that reaches all neighbors in the NRG area.

If you’re interested in joining us as we explore our communication plans, please let me know. We’ll be working with Marco Mack, deputy fire marshal of Central Fire, to test and set up a system that works best for all of us.

We can do this!

Susan, Paul says we would need a big antenna to run a base station. (We are behind all the hills.) I read the review questions and answers on Amazon, and there seems to be some confusion about leaving a base station on in transmit mode (don’t) or in receive mode (OK, and low power draw). I know nothing about these devices, so forgive my ignorance. Will you use just the included telescoping antenna, or add an external antenna to your roof? Base stations are going out of stock on Amazon…

We need at least one Micro Community Leader for every Micro Community. As the leader, you’ll set up a phone tree to send messages to your community. We are asking Micro Community Leaders to purchase the following MURS radios so we all have the same easy-to-use radios:

Dakota Alert M538-BS MURS Base Station - Multi Use Radio Service Transceiver with Telescopic Antenna and Normally Open Relay Output $74.99

Dakota Alert M538-HT MURS Wireless VHF Transceiver - Handheld 2-Way Radio License Free - Multi Use Radio Service $84.99

I just did a test run with Melody and Pat Meyer, and Daren Commons on NRG. We’re trying to identify the range that the MURS radios will receive and transmit messages on NRG and the side streets. If you live on Ponza, Muir, Hidden Valley, Amigo/Bronco, Rodeo Ridge, or any other side streets, please email me to set up a test run in your area.

We may need an external antenna on your roofs to boost transmission, and I’ll get that information to you early next week.

I plan to set up a MURS test for all Micro Communities in the next few weeks. In order to do this, we need Micro Community leaders to represent every Micro Community. Marco Mack has agreed to help us test our MURS communication system.

Let’s do this!


Thank you to Melody and Pat Meyer, and Daren Commons for helping me test the Dakota MURS radios on NRG yesterday! And big thank you to Eric and Tamah Swenson for testing the Dakota MURS radios on Hidden Valley and all of the side streets this afternoon! The Swensons are creating a map of Hidden Valley to show where we have great reception from 2392 NRG (my place) and where we need to have another MURS station to continue the relay signal. I plan to put together a vinyl sheet overlay on the big map I have of our entire NRG community so I can easily see each micro community and how to relay information to each leader using the MURS radios.

Next, I need volunteers who can take my MURS radios and test them in their micro communities. We need to map out Ponza, Chardonnay, Rodeo Ridge, Amigo/Bronco, Lupin, and other streets off NRG.

We plan to do a test with our ham/MURS radios in the next few weeks and it is really important that all micro communities are represented. Please sign up as Micro Community leader or encourage others to do so.

I have purchased my radio, but still need to set it up.

Did you get the Dakota Desk or handheld MURS radio? We’re using channel 04 and code 00. Are you available to do a test this weekend? I’m thinking Sunday morning to early afternoon would be best.

Sorry for the month’s delay responding. Life intervened. Paul just put together my handheld MURS. I have yet to read the directions. At some point it would be good to find out whether it can reach your base station; we’re a bit down in a hole here, though not far as the crow flies.

Yes, let’s do a test. I am still trying to find out why my MURS antenna on my roof is not improving my ability to reach others. If you got the Dakota Alert MURS, we are using channel 04 and code 00. We’ll experiment with different codes when we do the test. I have a TEDxMeritAcademy event tomorrow (Nov 7th) so I’ll be able to put more time in working with you and others next week. Let me know when you’re ready to start the test (next weekend would be ideal). Thanks!