NRG Firewise will be participating in a County-wide MURS/Ham Communications Exercise on Sunday, April 3rd (1-3 pm)

Now that we’ve created our NRG Firewise community, established Micro Communities, and tested MURS radios, we are going to do our FIRST EMERGENCY COMMUNICATION TEST! We’ll be working with ARES (ham radio network that communicates worldwide) and CERTS (Community Emergency Response Team) to relay information using our MURS/ham network.

This is important to do BEFORE a real emergency so we can iron out any problems with connecting with all of our 260 households on NRG. I am working with Keith Trinity (a big-time ham who lives at the top of Amigo) to coordinate the information we get from YOU during this test. I am currently working with all Micro Community Leaders to make sure they have their MURS radios ready to go. If you are not a Micro Community Leader, you can still participate in this exercise. We need neighbors to be available as backups in case Micro Community Leaders are not available.

The exercise will be easy to do. Keith will be on Channel 04, Code 15 with his MURS radio to talk to all of our Micro Community Leaders and neighbors. Listen for Keith’s general instructions. Talk to Keith by pressing the PTT (press to talk) button. Start by pressing the button for 2 seconds, announce your name and address, state your message, then say “over” and release the PTT button. It’s really that easy. Always listen first to make sure you’re not talking over other people. Keith is up high enough to hear most of the residents on NRG. He may need help from people who live north of 4000 NRG and south of Rodeo Ridge – where they’ll relay messages to those who live further away from him.

Keith will ask you to report about some kind of road condition. Because this will be live and others will hear your conversations, we do NOT want to create hypothetical emergencies that may cause unnecessary panic. He’ll probably ask you to report about the conditions of the roads in your Micro Community. He’ll create a map with Eric Swenson, and then they’ll report to ARES. That way, Central Fire, EOS/OR3, etc can be notified of our situation.

Each Micro Community Leader will use our PHONE TREE to reach out to neighbors in their Micro Communities. If you haven’t added your name and contact information to the PHONE TREE on our forum, please do so before April 3rd, 2022. We have created this new PHONE TREE on our Forum ( Check your Micro Community in the forum to see if your information is current. It is up to you to make sure that your address, contact info, and other details are up to date. Micro Community Leaders will print out the PHONE TREE so they have access to this information during an emergency.

If you haven’t already purchased your MURS radios, this would be a great opportunity to do so. I encourage all households to have one, or both, of the following MURS radios. You don’t need a license to use it and it will be the only way we’ll be communicating with each other and with EOC/OR3 during a crisis.

The best prices I’ve found are on Amazon.

  1. Dakota Alert M538-BS MURS Base Station* - Multi Use Radio Service Transceiver with Telescopic Antenna and Normally Open Relay Output $74.99
  2. Dakota Alert M538-HT MURS Wireless VHF Transceiver - Handheld 2-Way Radio License Free* - Multi Use Radio Service $84.99
    *Read more about these 2 MURS radios:
    Ham/MURS - #8 by Susan

• If you have trouble with your MURS radio or need help connecting on April 3rd, please email Keith at He’ll be on Channel 04; Code 15 on his MURS. Eric Swenson has also generously agreed to participate as a ham/MURS for this exercise. Eric can be reached at

I will be out of state (actually flying home from NC) during this exercise. If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to help, but your best bet would be to contact Keith or Eric. Remember, this is an “exercise” or test. We will analyze the process so we can improve our communication system before a real emergency. Thank you all for participating!