How do I edit one of my posts?

For example, if I need to update my information in the phone tree. I couldn’t find a way to do that…

Click on the 3 horizontal dots below your original post. You’ll see a pencil icon. Click on that icon and you can then edit the post.

This is a good question. Hopefully others can see this so they know to change their original post in the phone tree.

When I click the three dots, I do not get a pencil as one of the options. All I get are these four symbols: a chain link, a flag, a bookmark, and a trash can.

Here is what I discovered: I cannot edit a former post of mine if (a) there is a later post of mine in the same thread and (b) the whole enchilada has not yet been updated (overnight, I assume). First I had to delete the later post, then wait until the next day; only then could I edit the first post.

My IT fixed a “bug” in the system. You can now go back to your original post and make changes using the “edit” icon. Let me know if this works Carolyn. Thanks for sticking with this so we can make it easier for all neighbors. This Phone Tree is vital – it is the best way to inform people and get out to help them when needed. Thanks!