How many residences (addresses) are in the NRG area?

Can anyone help me find out how many addresses are in the NRG area? Firewise requires that I give an exact number of homes in our community. Manu’s office told me that there are 188 unique addresses on NRG and the side streets. I am beginning to doubt that 188 is accurate because Hidden Valley has around 80-100 addresses… I’ve called Central Fire, the Census, and the County Assessor’s office but none of these organizations could give me an exact number. I’m just about ready to send off the application but need this information first. Please let me know if you can help me get that number. Thank you!

Interesting that the County Assessor does not have the data on how many parcels are on NRG. I guess I can stop paying my taxes since they have no record of my prop. Seriously though, one of the first priorities in a disaster is getting a good accountability of the residents. Not good that the County has no idea how many parcels there are on NRG and off-shoots.

Would you call them to see if you can get them to tell you how many addresses are on NRG and all side streets? Maybe you can get this information. Id really appreciate that.

Well the 188 number I got from Manu’s office is definitely not accurate because I just heard from the Hidden Valley Road Association that they have 80-something addresses (they’re double checking for me) and the mobile home park at 100 NRG has 207 mobile homes. That’s 287 addresses and that doesn’t include the rest of NRG, Amigo/Bronco, and all of the other side streets. Any ideas? We need to know this number in order to determine when we have 30% of our community on board (completed the survey).

HI Susan-
I have ideas why this may be a complicated question for the county to answer.
Here is the Muir data.
12 parcels
2 of those parcels are undeveloped, ie no addresses at this time
1 parcel has two full sized homes on it.

Total = 11 homes on 10 developed parcels.

I hope this helps.

Did you check with the Post Office?

Yes! That’s very helpful!

I’m going to ask people on NRG to tell me how many homes are on their private roads and keep a tally myself. I think this is going to be the quickest and most accurate way to get the numbers we need for the Firewise application.


I have added Muir addresses where homes are occupied.