How to configure your forum notifications

By default, the forum software will send all users a “digest” email once per week with up to 10 posts that you may have missed since the last time you visited, or since the last digest email, whichever happened most recently.

But what if you want to receive notifications more often, or notifications when new posts are added to categories you are interested in?

There are three ways to adjust the notifications you receive:

  1. WATCH a category (an entire group, like “General” in which multiple topics are posted)
    Click the bell icon on the category you want to watch. The bell icon is always located at the top right of every category:
    If you watch a category, you will automatically receive notifications for any new posts from any new topic or post within that category.
    NOTE: You can see a list of all the categories you have access to by clicking the Firewise USA logo at the top left, then click “Categories” near the center, under the search bar. Then click the name of the category to see the bell icon.

  2. TRACK a topic (an individual post within a category)
    Click the bell icon on the top right of the topic you want to track. It will be below the vertical slider on the right:
    You will automatically receive notifications for any new posts within that topic.

  3. Adjust the frequency of notifications you receive via your user preferences (the default is weekly).
    To access your user preferences, click the user icon at the top right (yours will look different, but will be in the same location):
    A new menu will appear. Click the “person” icon:
    Click “Preferences”:
    On the left, click “Emails” :
    On the right, you’ll see a section called “Activity Summary” with several options you can select:
    If you want more frequent email summaries, change “weekly” to “daily”.
    Click the “Save Changes” button to save your changes:

I would like everyone to set all categories to “watching”.
The Admin, Susan, should be able to set this as default for everyone.
It sucked for me, I missed out and wondered why I wasn’t getting very much traffic.
We don’t have enough going on for folks to get overloaded.

I agree. I set my options to be notified immediately of every post in every category.

Hmm. I personally have too many emails every day and I unsubscribe to them just to manage the load… But, many NRG Firewise members are missing out on important updates, tips, and most importantly EMERGENCY messages.

My IT has been monitoring the forum and suggests this:
Another reason (besides those I already listed) for NOT doing what they want is that it’s quite likely to start costing money. The service that is set up to send the emails is called Mailgun, and it’s free for up to 1,000 emails per month, after which there is a charge of $1 PER EMAIL over 1000 UNLESS you sign up for a $35/month plan.

Last month, the forum sent 551 emails, and we’re currently at 324, a little over halfway through the month. And the more people you get to use the forum (a good thing), the more emails will go out, and the closer you’ll get to hitting the 1k limit just with the email settings as they are now.

So basically, if we do what they want, that’ll DEFINITELY take the sent emails over 1000/month, and will cost at least $35/month. In fact, if you want to make that change, I would recommend upgrading the Mailgun plan FIRST, to avoid any of those $1/email charges.

What are your thoughts?

I think the way you have it set up is OK; but I also think micro leaders might want to monitor all traffic.

I did not know about the charges, so however you want to do it…