How to shelter in place

This is from Tony Akin of Central Fire, who visited my property this morning.

If you expect to shelter in place (or even if you don’t), fill a bucket with water, and put some rags in it.

As the fire approaches:

  • Close all windows, leave all curtains open.
  • Move wood furniture away from windows.
  • Post a sign by the door telling the fire dept you are inside (NOT evacuated).
  • Get in the middle of the house; if you are on a slope, get to the lowest floor on the uphill side.


  • Immediately go around the house with the bucket of water and rags, throw a wet rag at any ember you see, then put the rag back in the bucket for further use.

I like the bucket of water and rag suggestion! After a fire passes, we probably won’t be able to access our water (well) – that’s smart!

Thanks for sharing!