Immediate Notifications

This site allows you to “subscribe” to individual topics in any category. If you want to be notified of any new posts made to a specific topic, scroll to the bottom of that post, click “Normal” and change it to “Watching”. You will then receive an email whenever someone posts in that topic.

The “Normal” default will only notify you if someone clicks “Reply” on your specific post - the “Reply” directly below your post. It will NOT notify you if someone replies to the entire topic (the “Reply” at the very bottom of the page) rather than your specific post.

Suppose I wish to be notified of any post or reply to any topic? Not possible?

Yes, it’s possible. You can subscribe to any category, and you should receive a notification of any new posts in any topic within that category.

Click the Firewise logo to go to the home page, then click “Categories” to see a list of all the categories. Click a category you want to subscribe to. Click the bell icon at the top right and change it to “Watching”. Repeat for any other category that you’d like to receive notifications for.

WHERE do you subscribe to ALL categories without having to search and click and get lost and find every message and go down to the bottom and click Watching?
Post link please.

Did you find the bell icon next to “New Topic”? That’s where you select “watching” and get the list of posts in that category. Hope this works for you!