It's official! NRG Firewise USA is RECOGNIZED!

Just received notification that we – NRG Firewise – is officially recognized! YES! Thank you to all of our neighbors for working together to complete surveys, reduce fuel around your homes, and proactively join us.

We are meeting on Wednesday, January 5th (2022), with Marco Mack to layout our fire prevention plans for 2022. If you’d like to join our board of directors, please email me at Check out our 3-Year plan on our website to see what we’ll be discussing at this meeting.

I am SOOOO thrilled that we have been recognized. This is going to give us the solid foundation we need to make positive, proactive changes for our 260 households on NRG.

What a wonderful way to end 2021. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get started in January! My goal is to prepare NRG BEFORE the fire season officially starts next spring!



That’s great, and it’s mostly due to your relentless hard work and persistence, Susan; congratulations!


Thank you for all your passion and hard work Susan.

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Deep bows, Susan, for driving this forward with your creativity, enthusiasm and hard work…

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Thank you so much for all the hard work you have done!!!