Join us for our monthly MURS radio test - 3rd Saturday at 9-9:30AM

Please join us on Channel 04, Code 15 if you’re on a Dakota Alert radio! Thank you!

If you are using a Dakota Alert, tune to channel 4, code 15.

If you are using the UV82-C programmed by Keith, you will simply tune to channel 1, named “NRG”.

If you are not using a Dakota Alert or UV82-C, tune your radio to MURS Channel 4 (154.570 MHz), PL 110.9 Hz. (PL 110.9 is the same as CTCSS Tone 110.9 Hz).

Thanks for joining us for our monthly MURS test! It only takes a few seconds to connect with us and that way we can make sure we’re all on the same channel/code! See you next month! Thanks to Keith and Eric for running this test!