Join us for the MURS radio test tomorrow (May 21st) at 9:00-9:30 AM

If you have a MURS radio (or if you’d like to buy a preprogrammed radio ask Keith or Eric), join us tomorrow morning at 9:00 am for a test. Channel 1 for the BaoFeng UV-82C users and Channel 4 for the Dakota Alert users.

Keith and Eric will be running the test. Our goal is to make sure that we can relay messages to all of our Micro Communities. We’ll be tweaking our antennas and checking to see who we can hear.

This should only take a few minutes for each user. Check for previous posts about how to use your radio or ask questions here.

See you tomorrow!

'cept it is Saturday, day -after- tomorrow.

A question regarding the BaoFeng UV-82C radio. What is the advantage over the Dakota alert? During the last MURS test my problem seemed to be not enough power to transmit to the nearest MURS user. Mostly a line of sight issue as I am on north facing slope on the extreme north side of Rodeo Gulch. My understanding is that the transmit and receive capabilities of the BaoFeng shouldn’t be any better than the Dakota alert, or am I missing something?
Thank You for any guidance you can provide.

They should be similar. The HandHeld Dakota, you cannot connect and external antenna to. (the base and UV82C you can).
If you could get to nobody, then I suggest one of the Ed Fong antennas.