Join us on our first Egress Fire Drill -- Sept 30th (10-12)

In order to give you all the opportunity to drive through an EGRESS ROUTE off NRG, we have organized the first-ever NRG Firewise Egress Fire Drill. This will take place on Saturday, Sept 30th, between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm.

We’ll have evacuation signs up on NRG/Chardonnay. You’ll enter Chardonnay, then drive a short distance on Rodeo Ridge, and exit on Yardarm, which will take you out to Old San Jose Road.

Bring your MURS radios with you so you can communicate with us. We’ll have a survey for you to fill out at the end of the egress route.

We are grateful to the supportive and wonderful property owners on Chardonnay, Rodeo Ridge and Yardarm for generously allowing us to experience this emergency egress route. I love it when neighbors open their properties to us so we can all work together to safely evacuate during a wildfire event.

The gate will be unlocked for this drill and during an actual evacuation. Otherwise it will be locked and we discourage everyone from checking out the egress route. Please respect the property owners’ rights to privacy.

Please take advantage of this opporunity to drive the egress route!