Need your help to determine number of households on NRG!

I think I have a system that will help us determine how many households there on NRG and adjoining streets. I’ve created a spreadsheet to make it easy for all of us to enter the number of households we know of in each Micro Community.

Simply enter the number of households you know of on your roads. If you can jot down their addresses, that can help us prevent duplicate entries. If there are too many, just enter the number and comment about the areas your number includes.

Please fill this in by Halloween, Oct 31st. I would like to send our Firewise application in next week, but can’t do this if I don’t know how many households are in our area. We are so close to getting this application off.

If you really want to help, please drive NRG and as many side streets as you can. Then enter your numbers on the spreadsheet. We could do it that easily…

I know we have more than 188 households (the number Manu’s office gave me).

Thank you,

It says access denied.

I think Susan has to grant you access; she did for me.

The spreadsheet cannot be edited.

Please add the following addresses for 3100-3712 NRG:
3100, 3344, 3350, 3500, 3530, 3535, 3550, 3640, 4641, 3680, 3684, ???, 3710, 3712

That makes 14 households per address. However, there may be more than one family/household living at an address.

Thank you Amy! This is perfect! If everyone would enter their addresses AND their neighbors, we could get this all figured out. Thanks for your help!