NRG Firewise Map and Contact Spreadsheet

Thank you to Amy English and John Nadler for helping me update NRG resident addresses and contact information today. We reviewed neighbor posts under each Micro Community in the forum and updated our spreadsheet.

Thanks to Dave Reid, OR3, we are creating a new interactive Google Map that will show egress evacuation routes, Micro Community Leaders, and water sources that will be displayed on our website:

Our next step is to enter on a more comprehensive map all of the residents who have given us permission to put them on our NRG Firewise Map. We hope to complete this in 2 weeks. This map will be available to all Micro Community Leaders only.

We believe that this vital list of neighbors and contact info will help us reach out to target groups of people quickly and efficiently – saving lives. We will indicate which neighbors will need help during an evacuation and work with Micro Community leaders to identify those who can help in an emergency.

Thank you to all who have joined the forum, completed the Phone Tree, and given us permission to add you to the Map. Thanks again to Amy and John for helping me put this together. And thanks to the Micro Community leaders for reaching out to their neighbors to get this information. Carolyn Stallard and Eric Swenson did a fabulous job on HVR – our largest Micro Community (over 80 households!).