NRG Firewise Micro Community Leaders and MURS Testers!

I’m looking forward to talking with all of you on your Dakota Alert MURS radios this Saturday, Dec 11th at 10:00 am. The goal is to see if we can communicate from your home to mine (headquarters). If you have the Dakota Alert Desk MURS radio, please use that first. Then try your Dakota Alert Handheld MURS radio OUTSIDE to see if you get better reception. I have installed the Ed Fong antenna that connects my Dakota Alert Desk MURS to a 5’ antenna on my roof. It significantly improved my reception. Information about all of the radios and the antennas are in the forum on our website (

I will be available at 5:00 pm Friday, Dec 10th, at my house (2392 NRG) to help you with your radios if you need support in setting them up. I also have a few loaners that are available for those who would like to do a test.

Set your MURS radios to CHANNEL 04; CODE 15.

Sometime between 10:00-11:00 am on Saturday, Dec 11th, please join me by telling me your name and your address. Give me information about the type of MURS radio you’re using, whether or not you’re using an antenna, and if you are inside or outside your house. I will enter this information on my large map to indicate Micro Community Leaders who I will reach out to during an emergency.

If I am talking to other MC leaders, please wait until you here “OVER” which indicates that the speaker is done talking. Please wait 2-3 seconds before speaking. I’ll list two-way radio protocols below so we’re all on the same page with communicating using this MURS system.

If you attempt to reach me but cannot clearly hear me, try going outside. If that doesn’t help, hop in your car and head towards me (2392 NRG) so we can determine the location that we need a RELAY MICRO COMMUNITY LEADER to send messages to you.

We will have 14 people doing this MURS test on Saturday. If you cannot reach me, please listen in and try to find other Micro Community leaders who live closer to you. They may be the Relay Person you’ll need to reach me. Please tell me who you can reach in this relay system. Our goal is for me to reach all members of NRG and I am centrally located so this is very possible. I believe we’ll need about 2 relay people both north and south to cover our NRG Firewise Community.

When we complete this initial test to ensure that each one of you can reach me directly or through a relay person, I would like to see how far you can reach people from your home. This will require 2 MURS radios: One for you to use at home, and the other for a neighbor to use as they drive away from your home. Please email me the distance you can reach from your home. I’ll add that very important information on my large map. Please reach out to one of the MURS testers on Saturday to do the relay with them. We do have a few extra MURS radios if you would like to borrow one.

This is going to be FUN!!!