NRG Firewise work day a huge success!

I’m thrilled that we’re prepared for our first two Egress Fire Drills now that we’ve cleared the routes. We had a fun working together and collaborating on the plan to evacuate NRG through the Chardonnay/Rodeo Ridge/Yardarm and the Amigo/Felicidad/Chaminade/SC Gardens routes.

Thanks to the following for volunteering with sheer manual labor, bringing their tractors and trucks, sharing equipment, laying out the evacuation sign locations, bringing delicious food for lunch, and donating funds to hire workers!
Rick Duckart
Fred Nadel
Frank Locatelli
Dave & Latisha Culp
Tam Holbert
Alyane Meeks
Deo Robbins
John Nadler
Carolyn Stallard
Amy English
Eric Swenson
Mari Bennadja
Ilea Smith
Doug Lord
Thien Mai
Rod Caborn
Mark Wainer