NRG Firewise WORK DAY -- Sunday, Aug 27 10-5

I’m charging my batteries and loading my car! Really excited to get 2 egress routes cleared and ready for our drills and evacuations! Come join us! And, bring your MURS radios with you!

The Plan:
9:30 am: Susan limbs up trees on Rodeo Ridge with Mark Wainer

10:00 am: Meet Chaminade maintenance worker, Rick Duckart, Thien Mai, and Rod Caborn to start removing the mound, filling holes, widening the path to SC Gardens

10:00 am Fred Nadel and worker start weed whacking Ponza; Tam Holbert and Alayne Meeks move wood piles for RCD chipping on Ponza

10:30 am Hired workers start weedwhacking and limbing trees on Felicidad, Amigo and Chaminade

12:30 pm Tam and Alayne haul limbs from Amigo and Rodeo Ridge areas to RCD piles

12:45 pm Susan picks up lunches from Deo Robbins

1:00 pm Susan meets with Doug Lord (Chaminade), Thien Mai, and Rod Caborn to discuss evacuation sign locations

1:45 pm Lunch break with NRG Firewise team

2:00 pm Susan meets with Fred to discuss signage placement and installation on Ponza

2:15 pm Work on Ponza, Amigo, Felicidad, and Chaminade until we’re done!

Thanks to our donors (who are paying for laborers and rental equipment), volunteers, and food provider! More later after all donations have been received.

Tony Akin says we’re doing an excellent job! After this, we’ll just need to do basic maintenance to keep our egress routes open and safe for us to use.