Opportunity! Community Wildfire Defense Grant Program

The purpose of the Community Wildfire Defense Grant Program is to assist at-risk local communities with planning and mitigating against the risk created by wildfire. To help communities in the wildland urban interface (WUI) implement the three goals of the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy to:

  • Restore and Maintain Landscapes
  • Create Fire Adapted Communities:
  • Improve Wildfire Response:

There are two primary project types for which the grant provides funding:

Applicants must register in sam.gov to apply for a grant through grants.gov - this can take weeks.
Is anyone already registered on sam.gov ?*
Please let me know if anyone is registered.
more to come…
thanks, Melody

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Can anyone who lives on NRG help us write a grant to get funds to clear problem areas and get support to make our community as fire safe as possible? I’ve donated over $5000 in establishing our community, organizing events, and building our website and forum. We really need grants or donations from neighbors to continue…

Perhaps we could find a way to make donations easy, such as something like GoFundMe?