Our NRG Firewise Renewal Application has been APPROVED!

Congratulations to our incredible NRG Firewise community! We have been approved for 2023! Thanks to our Board of Directors, and especially to Carolyn Stallard for analyzing our annual survey and helping me submit our renewal application!

I’d also like to thank John Nadler and Amy English for building our NRG Firewise map and spreadsheet. We plan to meet tomorrow to finalize the map and hopefully upload it to the forum for our Micro Community leaders.

Big kudos go to Keith Trinity and Eric Swenson for running our monthly MURS radio tests on the 3rd Saturday (at 9:00 am) of each month. I encourage all 300 households to purchase the MURS radio, have Keith or Eric program it for you, and join us to learn how to communicate with us during an emergency or evacuation. This will be the primary mode of relaying vital information so you can make smart and safe decisions about evacuation and routes to take.

We are asking for donations to help us with signage, website maintenance, and grant writing.

Thank you,

Susan, can you put an approximate dollar figure on each of those three needs?

We need to raise $50,000 to fund our 5 egress fire drills, the Mock Evacuation, the egress signage, grant writing so we can have funds to continue in the future, and website and forum maintenance.