Our NRG Firewise USA application has been submitted!

We have officially submitted our Firewise USA application for our 260 household community! Thank you for completing the survey and the hours/costs spreadsheet that I used to calculate the numbers.

Special thanks to Lynn Sestak (Firewise and FireSafe) for guiding me through the entire process. Really appreciate Marco Mack’s input about our fire risk, terrain, and plans. And Carolyn Stallard and Dave Warren helped me find maps and count all of the households on NRG and adjoining streets.

What a great relief to have all of the stats and support to finally submit our application for recognition through the Firewise USA program. Phew!

I’ll let you know if and when we are recognized!

Happy New Year!

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Thank you for all your hard work on this Susan!
I can only imagine the hours you’ve spent on this project which benefits ALL of us up and down Rodeo Gulch. We are all safer and more prepared because of your work.
Happy Holidays!


I second that, Susan. This would not have been possible without your incredible commitment and hard work. Thank YOU!