Protect Your Home from Wildfire Now

Protect Your Home from Wildfire Now

Steps you can take now:

  1. Remove everything that could burn within 5 feet of the foundation and any decking, all the way around your house. As of January 1, 2023, that’s state law!

  2. Consider painting eaves and combustible siding with non-flammable paint. Check the NRG Forum Equipment category for products.

  3. Are your window frames vinyl? Gutters vinyl? Skylights plastic? Find out, replace what you can. All those can melt.

  4. If you have a non-metal water tank, cover the top with something non-flammable.

  5. Call Central Fire (831-316-3804) for an inspection, to learn what they recommend.

  6. For detailed suggestions, ask the Santa Cruz County Fire Safe Council for a free Home Ignition Zone (HIZ) inspection. Their website includes a form you can fill out with your request:

Be sure to specify that you are in the North Rodeo Gulch Firewise community; Firewise communities get priority.