Ready to test the MURS radios on NRG!

I just installed a super antenna for my Dakota Alert MURS desk radio. I’d like to test it to see if I can reach each of the micro communities. Can members of each micro community choose one person to test the MURS radio with me? I’ve set aside Sunday, Oct 17th, to do this test. I have 3 radios that we can use to do the tests.

I can do this, but dont want to be redundant. Have the Amigo road folks got a volunteer to do this? IF so, I’m not needed. Let me know if I am needed.

I just installed a heavy-duty antenna on my roof and would like to see how far I can reach up Amigo and Bronco as well as north and south on NRG. I’ve reached out to the Swensons to see if they can do the Amigo/Bronco test with me because they have already done the first test without the antenna. If they can’t do this, then yes, Deo, I’d love to have your help.

Still waiting to hear from the other 14 micro communities so we can test their areas.


I just saw this. Do you still need anyone for hidden Valley Rd.? If so, I would like to volunteer. Thank you. Marianna Mejia

Hello Susan - sorry I missed this - whats the upshot? Dakota Murs or?

Thank you! I’d love to have your help. What is your availability this week?

Dakota Alert desk and/or Dakota Alert handheld. You can get an antenna for the desk radio (I’ll let you know exactly what antenna ti get after I test mine).

I am available Wednesday until 2 PM, Today after 3:30 and Thursday until 2:30.


Want to meet ay my house at 5pm? I am at 2392 NRG. Thank you!

Hi Deo,
Yes, I’d love your help in testing Amigo/Bronco Roads. When are you available?

most days after 11, but not ALL days, so check with me first. I do not have a radio, need to use yours and be shown how it works…

Thanks Deo! I’m working out some kinks with the antenna. As soon as I figure it out, I’ll be in touch. Best days for me are the weekends. :slight_smile: Looking forward to testing MURS on Amigo/Bronco!