Severe Storm/Flooding Tonight! Prepare Now!

Prepare Now!

The National Weather Service posted a Flood Watch today, 1/3/2023 3:57AM through Thursday 1/5/2023 4:00PM, predicting a serious storm

will hit with excessive rain and high winds (up to 60 mph.) It is projected that there will be flooding, downed trees and power outages.

This storm is predicted to be even more severe with rain continuing for a week. KION description :

What to do Today:

  • If you have backup battery systems such as a Tesla PowerWall, ensure that they are at maximum charge.
  • If you have a backup generator, check to make sure it has gas and it is operable.
  • Have food, water and medications on hand in case our neighborhood roads are blocked for a period of time.
  • If you have emergency equipment such as chainsaws and 4WD, please have them ready in case they are needed.

Some evacuation warnings advise: You should be prepared to evacuate and move

to higher ground. Consider moving before the start of the weather.

To receive area emergency alerts, sign up for Code Red by visiting or text SCR911 to 99411.

This is their alert.

Current Road Conditions: