Shelter in Place Tips

I learned a few new tips from Jack at Komodo for those who have been advised to shelter in place. It’s good to have valuables, medicines, food and water (go bag) in your car with windows closed. It should be parked away from trees and brush in a clear area. In the unfortunate event that your house goes down, these items will be safe. You can shelter in the car too as the fire passes over, using wet towels held above your head to create a cooler breathing space. Windows and vents closed to keep out heat and smoke. Pets too, though I think my howling cat will be the worst part of this! Be prepared as fire passes for the roar of a loud freight train inches from you. And hydrate… Main mistake people make is to forget to do this. And don’t panic. A lot of people decide to flee at the last minute and that is not safe.