Sign Posts

Does anyone have a recommendation on where to purchase a galvanized metal sign post, like the county street signs we have at the corner of NRG and HVR (and all of these similar street signs)?

I’ve just purchased address signs to direct emergency vehicles to the houses on our shared driveway, but I haven’t found a sign post (metal) that isn’t thin (as the fence posts at Home Depot are).

Who in this area sells sign posts of the general size/quality of county street signs?

Thanks. — Eric

Eric, here is one source:


Thanks, Matt. I was hoping for a round sign post — since all the other sign posts are round. But if I can’t find one, I’ll get this one.

Hi Eric,

I am looking for the same type of sign post. Thank you for letting me know if you were able to find what you were looking for, and can pass along that information.

I was able to find a 2 3/8” diameter, 8’ tall galvanized sign post at Home Depot (plus the rounded cap for the top). I’ve purchased both but haven’t yet installed them.

The signs from Brimar are arriving soon, complete with mounting brackets.

Let me know if you need links to the items at Home Depot.

The link would be great, thank you for offering! I appreciate your feedback.

Here are the links for the post and cap: