Start keeping track of your fire prevention projects!

Firewise USA requires us to keep track of the hours, dollars, and education spent on fire prevention. I’ve attached the Firewise Volunteer Hourly Worksheet and a flier that give examples of things you can add to your worksheet. Meeting with consultants/fire department, learning about fire prevention, and organizing work parties all count toward hours! So keep track of your hours so we can submit them with the application and future renewals to prove to Firewise and insurance companies that we are making a concerted effort to make NRG a safer place to live.

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Here are links to PDFs of these documents:



You might want to download them rather than wait for them to display onscreen, which can take a while.

Thanks for these links! This will make it easier to enter your data! You’ve done significant work on your property so you’ll be a huge asset to our NRG Firewise application! Post photos to show what you’ve done.