STRUCTURE FIRE at Laurel Glen/Paradise Lane!

There is a structure fire on Paradise Lane (near Laurel Glen). Keep your MURS radios on! There is potential to spread but luckily it’s still wet and green. We’ll keep you posted in this forum! Hams, you can hear this on 154.325 and 154.415.

My neighbor on Laurel Glen says its out now. 1:08 pm
He could see it burning. now its out.

Thank you Melody! This is a great WAKE-UP CALL! Please go to your Micro Communities (in this forum) and fill out your PHONE TREE contact info. If you have your neighbors’ info, enter it there so we have access to it in an emergency.

Keith Trinity alerted me of the structure fire and I called the 8 people I have contact info for in the area.

All 260 people need to be in the PHONE TREE so the Micro Community leaders and I can print them out.

All Micro Community leaders need the MURS radios (BaoFeng UV-82C) so we can stay in touch if and when the power goes out.

Neighbors could also have MURS radios to support the Micro Community leaders and to be there if the MC leaders are away from their radios or homes.

We can do this!

I also called all the people on the HVR phone tree. Glad to hear the fire is out now.

Wow! Nice job Eric! Did you work off the Micro Community Phone Tree in the forum?

Yes, I did. Although I forgot to say (and will remember next time) to encourage anyone I call to get follow-up information via the NRG Firewise forum. A couple of the neighbors I contacted said they’d contact their own neighbors.

Still, the number of people who have provided numbers on this phone tree is quite small. If all 80+ households had numbers on the phone tree, it would have been prohibitive for me to have called them all – in which case, we would really need a tree, as opposed to a list! :slight_smile:

True that. Be interesting to map the locations of those who have posted contact info. If they more or less cover HVR, each could be asked to call their neighbors, making it a de facto phone tree. Then, of course, Kelly and Jules and Annie and I would just be calling each other…

Ideally, I would like to put all names of residents for each parcel on the map that I created for the NRG Firewise event on 4-23-22. That way, I could see who is closest to the fire and contact them first. That’s what I did today with the Paradise Lane structure fire.

All Micro Community leaders should print out the contact info for all people in their communities. I plan to copy and paste the info into a Google Doc so all of the info is in one place. I will do this for all 18 Micro Communities once a year so I have the most up-to-date information in my ham/MURS go-bag.

Every household has the opportunity to update this info as needed and takes the responsibility away from the Micro Community leader. When there is power, having access to that info will be great. When there is no power, we’ll have to rely on the last printed version that we have.

QUESTION FOR ALL: Would it be okay to put all names as a layer on my big map? By having the names, we could then divvy up who will do the calling or physical check ins with neighbors. The Micro Community leader would then reference their Phone Trees or their print outs. It would be best to have cell phones under the residents’ names, but I could only imagine the resistance we would get for putting that on the map.

For large Micro Communities like HVR, Amigo/Bronco, and Ponza, they will need to subdivide the areas into manageable groups with sub-leaders who will contact their individual neighbors.

What are your thoughts?

Keith says that this would have been a serious fire in the hot, dry summer… The residents reported that there were propane explosions and that the house was fully engulfed!

Thank goodness that the foliage is green and damp with recent rains. And, the firefighters got a water source. Phew!

OK by me. I’ll try adding the names of HVR residents who provided phone-tree info to my piecemeal parcel maps, see what the coverage might be. I’m not sure how up to date the Road Association list is; maybe 2019?

2019 is better than nothing. They can change the Phone Tree in the forum if things are incorrect. That may be a motivator! :slight_smile:

I provided Carolyn with a 2020 version of the HVR mailing list. I’m not certain, however, that we should be adding entries to the phone tree without people’s permission. What do you think?

Phone Trees are available ONLY to the members in each Micro Community. In other words, you can’t see posts from other communities outside of your HVR Micro Community.

Therefore, I think it is perfectly fine to add people to the Phone Tree. This would give the Micro Community Leaders and other neighbors in that area the contact info needed to warn them of disasters and evacuation plans.

If someone doesn’t want their info on the Phone Tree, they can remove it themselves.

Unfortunately, the format of these forum topics/threads of conversation, especially when interspersed with conversation, such as we’re doing now, makes finding the entries very difficult/cumbersome.

I think we need to consider the forum topic as a means of having people enter data and update data, but we need to copy/store it in spreadsheet that is accessible to members of the MC (and not public), somehow. I assume this forum doesn’t support “files” (like spreadsheet files) with access control? Any other ideas?

Sorry, I wasn’t volunteering to add other people’s particulars to the phone tree. Without their knowledge or consent, I would consider that an invasion of privacy. Leading a horse to water is fine; forcing it to drink is beyond my willingness. I’m only attempting to identify clusters of neighbors near those who have already added their contact info: callees.

Sorry, I misunderstood you. Not sure how to get people to enter contact info on Phone Tree…